Almiaad: Professional Brand Name, Product Name and Business Name Analysis undertaken in various languages.

Multi Language Product Names Analysis: Almiaad

Almiaad Lingua is your local partner for all your translation and language services needs in Dubai. Translation experts are here to meet your needs for professional translation.

Almiaad Lingua provides sign language services, American sign language is only one example of our expertise in sign language translation and interpreting


Brand /product names and company name analysis is among the widely sought services for the clients aiming to work in the Dubai market. Many product were defamed just because their names were not well received by a local community or simply had a different meaning. Some products were totally refused due to how they sound for Arabic speakers.

When you enter a new market, you never know about the implications of the names of your brand unless a professional linguist and native language speaker makes the necessary analyses of the term. This includes phonological analysis of the sounds and their suitability for the: market, product and the taste and attitude of the potential clients. A brand name analyst analyses the etymological and morphological resemblance of the name in the local language. One more analysis included is the study of similar products to check for duplications and resemblances. Meanwhile, cultural sensitiveness of names and logos are as important as the name itself.

Finally, we help you avoid negative reception and build names which attract customers in local markets, including Dubai and Middle Eastern countries.

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